The white wine taster will be back in a mo!

Sporting Wines was established in 2002 with the express purpose of importing wines from the Great Southern region of Western Australia.   Whilst only a small business we like to think that we have good relationships with the few wineries we deal with..

 Indeed, we have dealt with most wineries for many years visiting them every year and tasting every wine before we make a purchase. How can we enthuse unless we have tasted them ourselves!

Whilst we publish our Reserve list ( see Section), you can obtain our general wine list by contacting us by email (see Contact us).

Our customers are mainly private individuals who appreciate good wines at very good prices (by the case) and also selective on and off trade customers.

If you represent a Wine Society and are looking for a speaker then I may be available!!

We hope you find this site informative and look forward to doing business with you.

Incidentally, the view shown in the top pic is of the Denmark River ….very close to one of our wineries.


Company information:

VAT No. 896 5284 63

AWRS No. XSAW00000102780