Our Reserve List

We have decided that to qualify for this list the fruit has to have been picked at least 6 years ago and/or the wine has been released into circulation at least 6 years ago.

This is not an exact science but our aim has been to buy (mainly) Reds that we store in an appropriate warehouse at a generally consistent temperature. These wines have been available since release but we feel that optimum pleasure can be gleaned with bottle age.

Our aim, right from the start, has been to recommend a good time to imbibe…..at a very reasonable price.

Currently, our list features:-

Bellarmine Wines Shiraz 2010

Harewood Estate Shiraz Cabernet 2012

Mount Trio Cabernet Merlot 2013

Kerrigan&Berry Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

The Edge Shiraz 2012

Update Dec.2018

The Bellarmine is on a long journey…………….preferably, double decant day before use.

Harewood Shiraz/Cab, K&B and The Edge…………….decant on day sufficient.

Stock levels: c between 160 and 200 bottles.

Please see Tasting Notes for further info on some of these wines.

Contact us for latest price details.

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