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Harewood Porongurup


James Halliday’s (JH) wine of the year in 2019 was a Riesling from Duke’s winery in the Porongurups. We have the  Porongurup  and the Denmark Rieslings from Harewood Estate  (2019)plus the 2019 Porongurup Riesling from West Cape Howe in Mount Barker. The Porongurups are currently the best kept secret for Rieslings.

Besides Chardonnay and Sauvignons we have a straight Semillon from Apricus Hill plus Semillon/Sauvignon blends which excel in this area.



Shiraz is the big hitter in Australia and we have several. If we can second guess a good vintage then we will buy for the long term. Currently we have:-

                            Bellarmine Shiraz 2010 (see News section)   

                            The Edge Shiraz 2012 

                           Harewood Estate Reserve Shiraz 2014  

                     Harewood Estate Reserve Shiraz 2015

                            Mount Trio Shiraz 2014

                           Harewood Shiraz 2016     

                           West Cape Howe Frankland Shiraz 2018

                                             Kerrigan+Berry Frankland River Shiraz 2016


Kerrigan+Berry 2009 Cabernet Sauvigno

Kerrigan+Berry 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

 Harewood Estate 2014 Cabernet   Sauvignon

Harewood Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

 West Cape Howe Bookends 2013 Cabernet   .. …and 2015   

                          Harewood Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
 Our minimum order is generally 12 bottles but, of course, you can mix as you wish.
Unless otherwise stated all prices are exclusive of VAT.
A few pics of our wines:-
WCH NV Book Ends Cabernet Sauv Bottleshot
West Cape Cab Sauv     2013


Harewood_NV_Reserve-SSB 2014
Harewood Estate Reserve Shiraz 2014
                                                                              Porongurup Riesling
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